Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wedding Boots

         In the interest of being thrifty, I am planning a (mostly) DIY wedding. The theme is Rustic Elegance with lavender, cream and brown. Everyone in the wedding party will be wearing boots. And wouldn't you know it, this native Texan has never owned a pair of cowboy boots! I went boot shopping with my friend (and future sister in law) Debbie last weekend. Here is what I found after trying on every freaking pair in the store  seven or eight styles:


Yes, that's me muffin topping the shaft. The store offers stretching I just want to be sure I can't stretch them by wearing them.

They are cow leather and python. Now don't be hollering about cruelty to cows if you've ever worn synthetic cowboy boots in the Texas summer heat, you'll know animal skin is better in this instance. 

Anyway, they're handmade partly in Texas and partly in Mexico. So I'm doing my part to stimulate the economy. 

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