Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wedding Venue and Decor

I promised a long time ago to post wedding decor. I forgot. I'm a bad blogger. Well, here are the photos!

We held the ceremony at Grace Lutheran Church which is a small church built in Georgetown, Texas in 1881. It's not used as a church anymore, but the Georgetown Heritage Society rents it out for weddings.

Lavender ready for tossing...

The organ is original but is not used anymore. So pretty!

We all wore boots...

The reception table. The wedding cake sat on a doily draped over part of my Great- Grandpa Woodard's moonshine still, an item I cherish. Ann's Kitchen Cakes  made the cakes and cupcakes. Of the three places my sister in law and I tried, hers was hands down the moistest, most flavorful. 

My nieces' tea cup as a cake topper!

The Grooms' cake was a carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

Munchies from FoodHeads . Love that place and they make event food to pick up at a very reasonable price. 

More munchies from FoodHeads! These were called "Devils on Horseback" and are Medjool Dates with cream cheese filling wrapped in Prosciutto. They were the first to go - so yummy! 

And the chicken quesadillas were to die for. I love FoodHeads!

A good time was had by all. It was so gratifying to see the next generation of our family come together from far flung homes across the country. I hope they continue to stay close as the years go by.

Finally got the chair finished!

I bought this five dollar chair at a thrift store; it lacked a seat. Five years later I finally finished it! As a novice DIY'er, I painted the chair with white primer then decided to make it look like this chair

Needless to say when I sanded the edges there was black, white, wood. Not good. So to salvage it I sanded it a lot more then re painted those areas in black only, so when I "aged" it there would be wood showing. My sweet hubby helped me cover the seat and now I have a chair for my work room.