Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wedding Decor

             Here I sit with three shabby sheets, four yards of lace, a set of lace curtains, and two tablecloths for the reception. My dear fiancĂ© is quaking in his boots already. He has no idea how much weddings and receptions cost, I am keeping a tally to show how much LESS ours will cost in comparison to an average wedding and reception.  I plan on making several garlands to hang around the house and backyard.  My plans are based on shabby garland made with doilies, lace, and fabric flowers. The ceremony is being held in a small chapel a few miles north of here, and it's a historic building so decor will be conservative with no candles. I am planning a floral arrangement, pew cones and a small arrangement in the lobby next to the guest book.

I have a board on Pinterest. It has the links to the items, many of them for sale on Etsy.

Wedding Inspiration Board on Pinterest

I am going to make will vary on where they will be used, but this is the inspiration:

This lovely will be across the fireplace mantle

And a shortie over the mirror in the powder room

Update: I've finished one garland and here it is:

A little tweaking and it should be perfectly imperfect! 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wedding Boots

         In the interest of being thrifty, I am planning a (mostly) DIY wedding. The theme is Rustic Elegance with lavender, cream and brown. Everyone in the wedding party will be wearing boots. And wouldn't you know it, this native Texan has never owned a pair of cowboy boots! I went boot shopping with my friend (and future sister in law) Debbie last weekend. Here is what I found after trying on every freaking pair in the store  seven or eight styles:


Yes, that's me muffin topping the shaft. The store offers stretching I just want to be sure I can't stretch them by wearing them.

They are cow leather and python. Now don't be hollering about cruelty to cows if you've ever worn synthetic cowboy boots in the Texas summer heat, you'll know animal skin is better in this instance. 

Anyway, they're handmade partly in Texas and partly in Mexico. So I'm doing my part to stimulate the economy.