Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Setting up a Craft Room

I haven't had a space to craft and sew for as long as I remember. Now that we are totally settled in as a couple, we started to go through unpacked boxes and sort to keep, to toss, and to sell in a garage sale. One spare bedroom room had become our climate controlled attic (helpful hint: don't keep anything of value in an attic in central Texas because it will melt - I'm sure many of you have the same problem). I now have my sewing machine set up and room to sew and craft in. What are some of the most useful items you have for crafting and decorating? I'm loving the chrome Metro shelves I bought from The Container Store a few years back.

I put a slab of granite on top and they served as a kitchen island in a rental, and now the unit stores my supplies. I can hang things from the edges:

 On my list are to create: another garland, finish crocheting a yoga mat bag for a friend, recover two really cheap lampshades in stiff paper and then fabric, modpodge some old photo frames for a photo wall I'm making, and start a quilt for my son's Christmas gift.

He just turned 21 and is "all grown up" (his words) I want to make him a quilt including his favorite colors for him to keep and use. He's still in college, and when not in school he doesn't have his own place yet, but he will - probably sooner than later. Smart cookie, that one. Getting a degree in Computer Science at Texas A&M and already has a job at a local semiconductor design firm.  So now I have a space dedicated to crafting and also a separate room as an office. I guess my next tasks will be to start an inventory, income and expense ledgers. And find a full time job. I had a really good interview last week and then they pulled all the job req's so onward I go. Had a phone screen yesterday with a green tech company, I'll know tomorrow if they want to bring me in.

 Here's my favorite photo from our wedding reception:

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