Monday, May 26, 2014

Garland, Garland Everywhere

In one of my previous posts, you can see some inspiraton garlands. I made the first one from vintage hankies, doilies, fabric and lace.

The garland I hung in the window behind the goodie table:

Yeah, pardon the crooked blind. I fixed it after I shot the photo.

A little one I threw together using antimacassars and home made tassels from my light colored burlap. I hung it on the fireplace mantel but this photo is when I first finished it:

And the Granddaddy of them al, the full length garland. I hung it on my patio, in front of the shade cloth, during the reception. Here it is in the doorway:

I enjoyed making them, and I think I will make a few more in the near future to sell. 
That is, if I don't get a full time job soon. 

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